Month: September 2017

Achieving change with a reflective culture – Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE)

Change happens It is natural from time-to-time that support workers feel frustrated in response to the actions of service users. These actions can sometimes ‘appear’ irrational at first glance. Why would you not turn up for an important court hearing, the result of which will affect your future? Why would you shout at a receptionist […]

Client’s are welcoming support through Beyond the Basics

Wednesday 13th September: Client engagement is a great success at present, currently 94% attendance to one to one appointments with Jas, with over 85 appointments taking place Jas has arranged 30 direct opportunities for clients which means a fast track service into volunteering, hobbies and education

Experts By Experience On New Style Radio

On Friday the 8th of September Experts By Experience Gez and Paddy joined DJ Charmaine Burton on her programme “Different Anglez” to discuss Birmingham Changing Futures Together and Every Step Of The Way. This is an example of the kind of things our volunteers with lived experience do on a regular basis as part of Every […]

We are recruiting for a Lead Worker at SIFA Fireside

This post will form part of a new team recruited in the event of the success of a bid to provide a Lead Worker & Peer Mentor Service for the Birmingham Changing Futures Together Programme. Within the new structure, this post will be directly line managed by a Shelter Team Leader. A Shelter Service Manager […]

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