Month: June 2018

The Co-production Approach

Co-production is about working together, taking risks together, being responsible together, and solving problems together. Birmingham Changing Futures Together is one of 12 Big Lottery- funded projects across the UK, supporting people experiencing multiple and complex needs, and aiming to change ‘the system’ to improve their lives. You can find out more here A key priority […]

Walking the Frontline: Able to trust, the real person came forward and engaged-Bel Sixsmith’s story

“The Peer Mentor connected fully with the service users incredibly quickly. It meant we were able to engage with the real person, the person who finds it difficult to trust others. They felt comfortable enough to be honest with us. The result was they got the support they needed in that moment” said Inspector Bel […]

Every Step of the Way has given me direction.

Every Step of the Way has given me direction. This is Eddie’s story.  Eddie’s Mum was an alcoholic, his father was absent, he suffered sexual abuse and was bullied. As an adult he was addicted to drugs and alcohol, homeless and in and out of prison.  But today, thanks to a network of support, which includes his Church, […]

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