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Birmingham Changing Futures Together is a project funded by the National Lottery Community Fund to provide better support to those facing multiple disadvantage.

We are pioneering new ways of working, with services led by those with lived experience, using innovative technology and close partnerships with specialist agencies across the city to provide a faster, better informed, and more unified approach to support. We also focus on learning and system change to make sure that the new approaches developed through this project become mainstream across all services in Birmingham and have a positive lasting impact on supporting those facing multiple disadvantage for years to come.

The System We Want To Build

Here at Birmingham Changing Futures Together, we want to create a new system to ensure those facing multiple disadvantage get the right support when they need it, and are always treated as a whole person. We are driving change to ensure that:

What is multiple disadvantage?

An individual is considered to be facing multiple disadvantage (also known as Multiple Complex Needs) when they are currently experiencing two or more of the following:

  • Homelessness
  • Mental Health Difficulties
  • Substance Misuse
  • Risk of Re-offending

It is estimated that 58,000 people in England experience multiple disadvantage per year.

The Challenges of Support

Support for people facing multiple disadvantage can often feel fragmented and uncoordinated, with organisations who have the specialised knowledge to provide help and support for each area of need working in isolation from each other. This “silo working” can at times hinder access to the right services for those who need it and quickly become frustrating, as they explain the same information to multiple services and struggle to navigate a complex system. Combined with a lack of lived experience and understanding of the issues being faced, this can lead to those who need support being treated as someone with many discreet and isolated needs rather than as a whole person.

Creating a new system to ensure those facing multiple disadvantage in Birmingham get the right support when they need it.

How Do We Do This?

We have several teams within Birmingham Changing Futures Together who work in different ways to develop the changing system we want to build.

No Wrong

Bringing services together to improve support in Birmingham

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Staff with lived experience working in the community to offer support

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Every Step
of the Way

Those with lived experience at the heart of systems change

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Lead Worker
Peer Mentor

The ground-breaking work of our Lead Worker Peer Mentor program

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“It’s been more crucial than ever to make sure that working in partnership helps more vulnerable people in the city…rather than working in silos because people don’t get the services they need”

– Support Service Director, Birmingham

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