Lead Workers and Peer Mentors Service

The Lead Worker Peer Mentor Service and What We Do

The Birmingham Changing Futures Together Lead Worker Service is here to help if you are living in Birmingham with at least three of the following four complex needs:

  • Current or immediate threat of homelessness
  • Concerns for your mental health.
  • Current or recent offending
  • Substance misuse issues.

We have a dedicated team of Lead Workers who are skilled and experienced in multiple and complex needs. They assist people to navigate the variety of services in the City and support clients to manage any issues that they  experience in terms of homelessness, offending, addiction, unemployment and health including mental health.

Lead Workers can be assisted by Peer Mentors who have lived experience and have faced many of the issues affecting people with multiple complex needs. They offer a more tailored and empathetic approach to support and bridge the gap between the services themselves and those that use services. We offer a wraparound service to support clients in navigating a complex system of services within the Birmingham. By taking a multiagency approach and care co-ordinating we ensure that clients are getting services that are suitable and appropriate to them and their needs. The service offers a ‘tailored support approach’ to assist with health and wellbeing. This approach helps to increase trust in services and engagement rates thereby reducing the risk of clients being in a revolving door of engagement and disengagement. We support clients to identify future goals and work with them in a way that empowers them to achieve their own desired outcomes, stability and priorities.

We are working hard to inform effective change within the City and beyond by taking a unique approach that delivers strong results and achieves the best possible outcomes for our clients. By doing so we inform, influence and positively change the landscape of service and commissioning and provision, mapping future pathways with clients that remain at the heart of the design, delivery and championing of their own support.


The Lead Worker Peer Mentor Service operates a non-exclusionary policy, to ensure that those who are most vulnerable and in need are able to access the intensive support that is available. We accept referrals from all agencies, individuals who are seeking support for themselves or associates and the No Wrong Door Network.

Referral forms can be sent to:

LWPM@shelter.org.uk and LWPM.1@cjsm.shelter.org



We have multiple locations across the City where clients can access support or information about the service. These are:

4th Floor Gateway House
50 High Street
Birmingham B4 7SY
Tel: 03445151800.

48-52 Allcock Street
Birmingham B9 4DY
Tel: 01217661700

Birmingham Mind
17 Graham Street
Birmingham B1 3JR
Tel: 01216088001