The LWPM (Lead worker Peer mentor) Service stated supporting Dave* in March 2015.  The client came to Birmingham from a small seaside town in Brighton.  He had spent 20 years living away from Birmingham.  Whilst living in a flat in Brighton, Dave stated that he got into a lot of debt, owing people money and was being constantly per sued for cash.  The client became a recluse and only left his home to purchase drugs or offend to get money to pay dealers.  The client knew that he couldn’t carry on with that life style and stated:

 “I was either going to get killed or kill myself but I’m too much of a wimp to do that to my myself and I can’t have my two sons regardless of how old they are, thinking I took the easy way out”.

Dave made a conscious decision to return to Birmingham.  He spent a few weeks sleeping rough behind a supermarket in the Moseley area of Birmingham. At the time he was ashamed and embarrassed to ask for help from the few extended family members who still remain in Birmingham.  Dave realised that he needed to find a way out of his situation, he could not return to Brighton as he had been evicted from his flat and owed too much money to dealers and cash day loan providers.

Dave accessed Shelter services and he recalls the moment he was referred over to the Lead Worker Peer Mentor Service as a light at the end of the tunnel.

The referral was made to the Lead Worker Peer Mentor Service in March 2015 and he was assessed by 2 lead workers.  At the time the client was in temporary accommodation that was unsuitable and unsanitary. On assessment the client made little eye contact and sat with his head hanging low. He made it clear that he was not being ignorant but felt so ashamed of his situation.  After completing the initial assessment it was agreed that Dave was suitable for the LWPM Service as he had a drug addiction, living in temporary accommodation, suffering from paranoia and depression and was involved in lots of petty offences for shop lifting to fuel his habit.

It took a long time for Dave to open up and trust his LW as he had been let down by so many services in the past.  On the first support session Dave talked about his goals and he stated he just wanted his own bed to sleep in.  He explained that he occasionally may shut off and not want contact with support workers and professionals of any kind.