Highlights from the Evaluation of BCFT

Over the past five years of the programme, Birmingham Changing Futures Together (BCFT) has explored what is important to our service users, tested models of working together as well as garnered a great deal of learning that will inform our continued journey towards systems change. This work is consolidated in our Systems Change Action Plan which outlines our main priorities as we move onto the next phase of the programme.

This report highlights some of the many positive achievements to our services and how we work together to improve opportunities for people with multiple complex needs in Birmingham.

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In particular, we are proud of how Experts by Experience have shaped the programme to the point that they are an integral part of everything we do. The Expert by Experience voice can be heard clearly in our services, in decision making and in how we approach our daily work. But while Experts by Experience represent a major success, we now need to meet the challenge of ensuring that the Expert by Experience voice is truly heard at every level of the system and continues to be heard after the programme finishes.

Highlights from the Evaluation of BCFT
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