Experts Exchange – ESOW

27th April 2018

Every Step Of The Way Video for Birmingham Health and Well-Being Board

16th March 2018

Expert By Experience Recovery Poetry

13th February 2018

From an abusive childhood and a history of psychosis to motivating others to make the change

Raised in a violent household, Joel often sat at the top of the stairs crying while he listened to his alcoholic father beating his mother.  He was soon responsible for looking after his two younger siblings.  The pressure was intense on the young boy and it wasn’t long before he [???]
19th December 2017

From a childhood immersed in addiction, criminality and abuse to an Expert by Experience- Michael’s story

Mixed race, Michael grew up in the midst of a large Irish catholic family in which addiction, criminality and physical and verbal abuse were the norm. An outsider in both the Irish catholic and Asian communities, his path to addiction began in his early teens. By 17 he was alcoholic [???]
25th August 2017

Wellington’s Story

My journey with Birmingham Mind is life changing and so amazing. The people who I am meeting is so helpful with my positive side. All the meetings i’m involved and attended has a positive output in my mental health not to resist my negative side which basically is my weakness. [???]