The Passage- Anti-Slavery- Handbook

Modern slavery is one of the greatest evils in our world – and it is happening here in the UK!

It targets the most vulnerable in our society and seeks to use them as commodities from which to make profit.

Modern slavery encompasses sexual exploitation, forced labour, child slavery, forced criminality, domestic servitude, forced marriage, organ harvesting and human trafficking. It can affect men, women and children, from abroad or from the UK. Victims are forced to work against their will on farms and building sites, in factories, restaurants, nail bars, car washes, brothels, massage parlours and private homes. Traffickers and exploiters use coercion and deception to keep control over their victims.

Human trafficking is a specific crime, under which people are moved for the purpose of exploitation. In addition to moving people between regions of a country, it can involve international organised crime, where victims are recruited and trafficked between countries.
Exploitation, which is illegal under UK and international law, is a multi-billion dollar industry.

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