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#ChallengeBirmingham Conference On Wednesday 13th March 2019 Birmingham Changing Futures Together held our annual learning event aimed at challenging the stakeholders present and organisations represented to commit to our Systems Change Action Plan which highlight 4 key priorities for the city of Birmingham. 1- Service for people with multiple and complex needs are accessible at the right place, at the right time 2- The people who design and deliver services are reflective of the community they serve, respectful ...continue reading
Ten semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted over the telephone with both internal and external stakeholders who had worked with the Experts by Experience. Eight interviews were conducted with external stakeholders and two with internal stakeholders. The two internal interviews were conducted with individuals managing the ESOW programme at either the operational or strategic level. External stakeholders were a varied group coming from small and national charities, an NHS service and local government and offering a range ...continue reading
Over the past five years of the programme, Birmingham Changing Futures Together (BCFT) has explored what is important to our service users, tested models of working together as well as garnered a great deal of learning that will inform our continued journey towards systems change. This work is consolidated in our Systems Change Action Plan which outlines our main priorities as we move onto the next phase of the programme. This report highlights some of the ...continue reading
This service user perspectives study represents one strand of the wider local evaluation. The scope of this strand is a qualitative assessment of BCFT service user perspectives, specifically the No Wrong Door network, Beyond the Basics beneficiaries and those assigned a Lead Worker/Peer Mentor. Read the Service User Perspective Peer Support Research here. This study utilises peer research methodology, which is a form of participatory research. This means that people who are normally the subjects of research ...continue reading
PIE Symposium St Basils made the decision to become a Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE) when there was little evidence regarding the practice or effectiveness of the approach.  Taking the first steps to work in a psychologically mindful way in 2011; over time, it has become the foundation of how St Basils works with young people, invests in staff through training and support, develops positive partnerships and influences the design and management of their accommodation. St Basils have ...continue reading
Modern slavery is one of the greatest evils in our world – and it is happening here in the UK! It targets the most vulnerable in our society and seeks to use them as commodities from which to make profit. Modern slavery encompasses sexual exploitation, forced labour, child slavery, forced criminality, domestic servitude, forced marriage, organ harvesting and human trafficking. It can affect men, women and children, from abroad or from the UK. Victims are forced to ...continue reading
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