23rd May 2017

Homelessness: it’s time to understand the problem and develop solutions that will work

In the week the main political parties officially publish their manifestos, Birmingham Changing Futures Together is calling on them to stop proposing insufficient, ineffective solutions to [???]
5th May 2017

No Wrong Door Marketplace to take place on Wednesday 7 June 2017

No Wrong Door will be hosting a marketplace for frontline staff to network with organisations within homelessness, substance misuse, mental health and offending.   This is an opportunity for frontline [???]
13th April 2017

The Lead Worker and Peer Mentor Service: working hand in hand to change lives

With lived experience, Peer Mentors quickly form crucial trust-based bonds with clients, who then engage more fully. The partnership of Peer Mentors and Lead Workers, who [???]
15th March 2017

Walking the Frontline:  The reality of living with Multiple and Complex Needs – Natalie Allen’s story

“Not wanting to die doesn’t equate to having a reason to live” – The reality of living with Multiple and Complex Needs The first thing I saw [???]