Below you can find more information about the LWPM Continuation Strategy through a variety of media. You can view our short film produced in partnership with the Birmingham REP Theatre, listen to recent episodes of Challenging By Shelter, a new podcast featuring members of the team talking about their work and watch our Webinars where we’ll be sharing insights and successes of the Lead Worker Peer Mentor (LWPM) Service, demonstrating the value that the model can bring. 

Animated Film

Below you can view our short film developed alongside the Birmingham REP Theatre where you’ll learn more about the LWPM Service. Follow Dorothy and her dog Toto (along with a familiar looking group of Lead Workers and Peer Mentors) as they navigate the many twists and turns on the Yellow Brick Road to Recovery. You can also view a presentation shown at the launch event for the film here.



We welcome you to join one of our webinars, these will be hosted via Zoom at 13:00 (unless otherwise specified) for approximately 30 minutes. You can find our latest webinar below, and the future schedule on the right. To view any previous webinar please click it’s title in the schedule.

If you would like to attend, please send your confirmation to

We will require a minimum of 15 participants to hold the webinar. All webinars will be presented to a live audience and recorded for future training purposes. If you wish to remain anonymous, please refrain from providing details of your name and organisation during the webinar.

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