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No Wrong Door (NWD) is a whole system approach to reducing avoidable health and well-being inequity caused by the way the system, which is intended to support individuals with Multiple and Complex Needs, operates in reality. By creating a partnership of service providers across Birmingham who are committed to working together to create a truly connected network of support, our aim is to break down the barriers between services and help them improve their offerring. We want to see a Birmingham where no one with Multiple and Complex Needs is turned away when they ask for help and they get the right support faster.

All services provided by NWD Partners can be accessed by anyone through a single referral form. This form is structured to gain essential information about the referred person and their needs, so that service providers can assess their suitability, get in contact quickly and begin work together as soon as possible. The single referral form also means that even if a person presents at a service which is unsuitable for them, they can be referred to the right places in 10 minutes, and that they only need to tell their story once. Click “Make A Referral” below to access our referral form.

The Intelligent Common Assessment Tool (iCAT) is a web-based database, referral and case management tool provided to all NWD Partners to help support their clients with Multiple & Complex Needs. iCAT ensures client information is constantly shared between all engaged services, creating immediate communication between support workers and allowing service providers to more easily manage their caseloads. iCAT can be accessed remotely, stores data safely and securely, and NWD staff provide full training and support to all users. Click here for more information on iCAT.

The combination of our referral system and technology breaks down the barriers between different service providers, reducing silo working and encouraging a unified approach to support. We also arrange regular meetings and events for both high-level and front-line staff to promote communication across the sector. For those with access needs, to bridge the gaps between services both in and out of the NWD Network, the No Wrong Door Navigator Service can provide accompaniment and advocacy for up to 12 weeks. Click “Navigator Service” below for more information.

As well as supporting those who need it now, we want to change the service providers and support systems across the city for the better. As part of this we have identified 5 Core Principles for services – Accessible, Person Centred, Prevention Culture,Collaborative Working, Continuous Improvement. These are the base for our Quality Standards which give a practical way for providers to evaluate their services, maintain quality and drive improvement to a common goal. Click “Quality Standards” below for more information.

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The No Wrong Door team is currently working from home due the coronavirus pandemic. If you need to contact us, please use the email listed below.

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