Coronavirus Update

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic most of our partners are offering limited services, and some are not accepting new referrals. We are also working on a basis of verbal consent while social distancing and lockdown restrictions are in effect. To make a referral to No Wrong Door during this time, please ensure you use the special version of the referral form below.

Refer to No Wrong Door

Access multiple specialised services across Birmingham through one referral with No Wrong Door. Please read the information below carefully, then download the form and return to

All individuals referred must meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Living in Birmingham
  • Have a current need in at least two of the following areas: Homelessness, Substance Misuse, Mental Health & Risk of Reoffending
  • For any referral to be processed, the person being referred (“client”) must complete and sign the consent form in order for their referral to be compliant with GDPR.
  • The consent form is found on Page 2 of the document, and cannot be filled out digitally, it must be completed by hand with the client’s signature and subsequently scanned or photographed and returned with the referral form to
  • On the consent form you will see a list of all organisations who offer support through No Wrong Door, and next to each a selection of “Yes” or “No”. The client must complete this section by circling “Yes” to any service they are comfortable having access to their information through our secure IT system, and “No” to any service they do not consent to have access to their data.  For more information on each service and the support they provide please refer to the NWD Service Guide (attached).
  • The client must consent to any service that they wish to be referred to through NWD, else we will not be able to send the client’s details to this service.
  • The rest of the referral form can be completed digitally by the client or the person making the referral on behalf of the client.
  • Please give as much detail as possible surrounding the clients 4 needs in the areas of Mental Health, Homelessness, Substance Misuse (Drugs & Alcohol) and Reoffending, including detailing their current circumstances and the type of support which would be most appropriate.
  • You can mark which specific services you wish to refer the client to on the final page. Tick the box next to a service to refer to that service.
  • To help guide your decision, please refer to the NWD Service Guide (below) which provides detail on each organisation and service that they provide.
  • Please note that the services below are at a capacity and are currently not accepting referrals:
    • All services offered by Crisis
    • All services offered by Anawim
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