NWD Navigator Service

The No Wrong Door Navigator Service aids those who want to access support but have trouble both accessing and engaging with services within the network.

Our NWD Navigators are unique, the Navigator service is explicitly aimed at preventing individuals dropping out of support whilst moving between services. Irrespective of where in the network a client may present, our ethos sets out that we will not discharge them without support.

Clients can take advantage of our ‘On the day Stewardship’ service, whereby we can pick them up on the day they have presented and take them to the most appropriate agency. For those wanting to access ‘On the day Stewardship’ service please call 0344 515 2382

Clients can also receive up to 8 weeks of longer term support this can take the form of:

  • Engagement work, providing support to enhance their confidence and provide them with the skills and self- esteem to operate autonomously within the support agency to which they have been referred.
  • Coordinating and attending appointments and meetings with the service user where appropriate to ensure they are adequately supported
  • Advocating for the client to maintain that their needs are not overlooked, and that they are receiving the services that cater most to their requirements

Anyone who meets the main No Wrong Door criteria of being over 18, living in Birmingham with at least 2 of the 4 multiple and complex needs and who has issues accessing and/or engaging with support services.

Navigator support can be accessed through the main No Wrong Door referral, or via NWD@shelter.org.uk

In line with our commitment to systems change, the Navigator Service also provides an important mechanism for identifying where key blocks and barriers in the system exist. As such, an integral part of the service is to identify and share this information with the No Wrong Door Network members, and to actively support our members to work in partnership to address these issues. Where operational solutions cannot be found, it will be for the strategic partners to pick up the issues and ensure that they are escalated to appropriate forums in the city (i.e. the Health and Well-Being Board, the Homelessness Partnership Board, the City Board) and that they inform the wider BCFT Systems Change Action Plan.
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