Revolving Door Forum Success

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Yesterday myself and three of our wonderful EXPERTS and IC’s went down to sunnimg_3749y old Manchester to attend the Revolving Door Forum.

By Rai Ricketts

Photography by Rai Ricketts

Our journey began with a very interesting Roller Coaster of trying to find each-other in the train station however we soon got together and headed to the north! Our train journey was short and sweet and as we approached Manchester the excitement began! Patrick one of our lovely IC’s decided that he was going to be the tour guide for the day and myself , Bev and Paul took in the great scenery!

Once we arrived to the meeting we had a lovely introduction to the Revolving Doors team and a wonderful introduction to all of the participants. Once the house rules where set we got straight into an inspiring story from one of the speakers. I particularly liked some of the things she had said such as

“When you are low , the feeling is only temporary”.

“Stay in the moment”.

“It starts with I to feed into we. In order to change the world the world you have to change yourself first”.

I felt these words where important to every individuals recovery journey.  Hearing from Red Rose Recovery was also fantastic one of the speakers spoke like a true poet with words such as ” realise and appreciate what you have” and ” My indifference will make a difference”.

Some great questions where asked in the second quarter of the day! Does recovery equal abstinence? Our group came up with answers such as; There are stages to recovery , Recovery is person centred and recovery is about your state of mind. Everybody on the forum agreed that recovery is not just about abstinence , it is about maintaining, setting goals, working towards those goals, facing your fears, taking those steps to whatever recovery means to you.

Lived experience was also discussed which I think is a very important topic. Should more lived experience be installed into the workforce? We all agreed that lived experience is 100% important and beneficial to service users and their recovery, their journeys, their life aspirations and goals. We said that more empathy , understanding , flexibility , compassion and dedication needs to be installed into thimg_3755e workforce in order to create a positive impact.

Overall the topics that where discussed where crucial to complex needs service’s and how they are ran in the future.

“Passionate about recovery” , ” Gratitude”, “You are worth that second chance” , “If you are worth one thing, then you are worth recovery”  “keep pushing forwards”. These are just a few of the amazing words that where thrown into the room yesterday!


Thank you so much to the Revolving Doors Forum for inviting us along and We hope to see you at the next meeting.



Revolving Door Forum Success

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