I’m Using My Voice to Make a Difference- Sarah’s Story

No Wrong Door- All You Need to Know
19th November 2018
Current Vacancies
21st December 2018

Sarah was never asked what she wanted. “I would just be taken from one place to the next, without anyone asking me or really explaining anything.” Sarah was in the care of Social Services and was placed up and down the country in over 200 foster placements and two children’s homes before she was 16. “I’ve never felt I belonged anywhere and I’ve never felt safe”.

Sarah started drinking and taking drugs at 11 years old. “I started with weed. It numbed my feelings. I’d had enough of feeling, so I liked the effect. From this starting point I worked my way up the drug chain. By the time I was 16 I was taking Crack, Cocaine, MDMA, pills, anything.”

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