No Wrong Door

Bringing together specialised agencies from across the city to give full support to people facing multiple disadvantage.

About No Wrong Door

No Wrong Door is a network of organisations that work together to ensure that individuals gain access to all of the support they require simultaneously. With better communication and an agreed set of standards, No Wrong Door partners aim to improve the health and wellbeing of those they support and prevent people falling through the gaps between services.

The Approach

The No Wrong Door Approach is an approach to working with individuals with multiple disadvantage. The approach is triggered at the moment an individual with multiple disadvantage presents at; or is identified by a partner organisation. By adopting a No Wrong Door approach partner organisations offer coordinated multi-agency support which prevents or helps an individual move away from crisis.

The No Wrong Door approach aims to:

  • Break down silo working between people and between organisations.
  • Change and improve the way in which agencies communicate with Individuals and with each other.
  • Establish an open network of quality assured members who are committed to continuous improvement.

We encourage organisations to do this via:

  • Spotlight sessions for frontline staff
  • Lets Talk sessions
  • Service guide
  • NWD Approach Training
  • Sharing good practice via newsletters
  • Multi Agency Meetings (MAM)
  • Shared case management system (iCAT)
  • Quality Standards
  • Workshops
  • Network Meetings

Who can join?

Any service providing relevant, frontline services directly to Individuals facing multiple disadvantage.

No Wrong Door Members

The No Wrong Door Network is made up of voluntary & statutory organisations across Birmingham who help support those with multiple disadvantage. If you are interested in becoming a member please get in touch via [email protected]

Service Guide

Our brand new Service Guide gives information on all of the organisations who are members of the No Wrong Door network, the services they provide and their referral criteria. It’s a great place to start for sector professionals or prospective clients before making referrals into the No Wrong Door network.

Download the Service Guide

We are no longer taking referrals via No Wrong Door Network.  Please contact the agencies that you would like to refer to directly.

The No Wrong Door Quality Standard is a quality mark designed specifically for services providing support to adults with or at risk of multiple disadvantage defined as homelessness, alcohol and/or substance misuse, re-offending or offending behaviour and issues with mental health.

The Quality Standards are developed around six core principles and set out the baseline of best practice. The standards enable providers to evidence how their service implements the core principles in a structured way and is a practical mechanism to maintain quality and drive improvement.

The Core Principles are:

  • Person centred
  • Accessible
  • Collaborative Working
  • Prevention
  • Safeguarding
  • Continuous Improvement [ are there any images we can use for these words to break up text?]

In scoping these standards, work has also been done to collect the views of service providers and Experts by Experience through Birmingham Changing Futures Together. Specific attention has been given to the need to encourage the system of support around the service user, rather than expecting service users to conform to service requirements.

You can download the Standards here

Who has been awarded the standard?

  • BSMHFT Liaison and Diversion Service
  • Pegasus Supported Housing

“I think that working as part of No Wrong Door has allowed me to support clients in a seamless way, which means that clients are able to access appropriate support in a timely manner.”

– NWD Support Worker

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