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Our Spotlight Sessions help connect staff from across the city with the information they need.

With so many organisations delivering support across Birmingham, it can be difficult to find the vital information you actually need for your clients with Multiple Disadvantage.

Our regular 30-minute Spotlight Sessions focus on a different service each month and put you in direct contact with the people providing the support.

Past Sessions

No Wrong Door

 Sustainment Programme

This programme has been commissioned to strengthen the NWD Network by increasing knowledge around working with clients who have Multiple Complex Needs and embedding NWD principles within all member organisations. It will run until 6th May 2022. The programme focuses on 3 key areas:

Let’s Talk Sessions

Frontline Staff across the network can join these bi-weekly sessions designed to provide an opportunity for frontline staff to network, share knowledge and best practice, and to gain peer support around any challenging cases. If you would like to receive information about upcoming LTS, please contact an involvement officer (mailto hyperlink) who can add you to the Sustainment Programme Mailing


Team Leaders will be offered 5 workshops on Multiple Complex Needs. Team Leaders can then add these workshops to new starter inductions and share them with existing staff to ensure that all frontline staff have a solid foundation of knowledge across all 4 of the complex needs, not just their own specialism.

Multi-Agency Meetings (MAMs)

In order to ensure better collaboration across all organisations in the NWD Network, Multi-Agency Meetings (MAMs) will be embedded in all services. To aid this, Team Leaders will be offered training around how to embed MAMs into their service delivery plans and Frontline Staff will be offered training and support to facilitate MAMs. Click here for our MAM agenda crib shit. (hyper link)

Team Leaders, have you…

  1. Invited an Involvement Officer to your Team Meeting?
  2. Sent an Involvement Officer a list of your team members, along with their contact details?
  3. Attended the MCNs Workshop?
  4. Signed up to attend the Substance Misuse Workshop?
  5. Signed up to do the Multi-Agency Meeting Training?

Frontline Staff, have you…

  1.  Ensured that your Involvement Officer has your contact details?
  2. Signed up to some “Let’s Talk” Sessions (running every other week on Tuesdays at 2pm)?
  3. Nominated yourself as a “Let’s Talk” Champion?
  4. Signed up to do the Multi-Agency Meeting Training?
  5. Nominated yourself to become a Multi-Agency Meeting Rep?

Get in touch with the team

Team Leader Emma Brown

0344 515 1452

[email protected]

Involvement Officer Olivea Syder

07584 888 213

[email protected]

Involvement Officer Kieran Ahern

07825 104 94

[email protected]