Beyond the Basics

Beyond The Basics is a post-programme workstream availiable to No Wrong Door/LWPM Clients, which aims to prevent the “falling away” of support services once an individual is deemed well enough to “move on”.

The workstream is broken into 3 Phases for each client, moving at a pace that suits them. The first is “Engagement” with the BTB team, second is “Progression and Development” through the workstream, with the third being “Moving Forward” into the wider community.

The Beyond the Basics Team consists of both the Beyond the Basics Worker, as well as a group of 7 trained “Experts by Experience”, whose lived experience of multiple and complex needs has given them a truly unique insight into how people experiencing difficulty may best be supported. The Experts have shaped much of what we do, and consequently are largely involved in the delivery of this workstream.

Handover from LWPM or No Wrong door Network….

…Into education, training or volunteering


1:1 support – The Beyond the Basics Team will work to support individuals in a 1:1 setting, or 1:2 if they wish to also be supported by an Expert by Experience, so that positive therapeutic relationships can be developed and new future avenues can be explored in a safe and structured environment.


Drop-in Sessions – Once a week, our doors will be open to clients who may be looking for that extra bit of support or advice, as well as those who may have missed a previously scheduled appointment. Here individuals will be able to meet the team, as well as other clients within the workstream who may share similar interests and pursuits.

Workshops and Training Opportunities – The Beyond The Basics Team is made up of a broad group of individuals whose experiences, passions and skills widely vary. We will use this to develop various training and workshop events that clients will be able to access, feeding into the ethos of mutual aid by not only empowering the client, but the Expert or Worker who delivers such events.

Moving Forward

Re-engagement with volunteering, employment or education – When the client is ready, we will look to develop sustainable lifestyles through engaging in volunteering, employment and/or education that is tailored to their individual aspirations and goals. This structure will hopefully lead to clients moving forward from the service into independence, with Beyond the Basics eventually fading out when the client feels it is no longer needed.

The overarching theme for the workstream is to go “beyond the basics” to help individuals develop independence and resilience, so that they can build sustainable lifestyles that can be continued long into their futures.

Through these measures, we hope that Beyond the Basics will fill the previous void in support service’s where-in clients on the boarder of being “well” lose their support as they no longer meet the requirements of their previous services. It is through this step-down process that we hope these clients can develop the independence and resilience needed to live fulfilled, sustainable lives in the future.

For further details, please contact Jasdeep Dhadley, Beyond the Basics Worker

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