Inreach / Outreach

What is Inreach / Outreach?

We have realised that often, the best person to talk to is someone who has been through similar experiences. Inreach / Outreach focuses on our staff with Lived Experience going directly to the people who need support, giving them information and guidance on getting help through BCFT.

Our staff have been trained to go out to Crisis Point organisations, where we may expect clients to fall through “the gaps in the system”.  It’s at these crisis point organisations where our staff reach out to clients with Multiple and Complex needs, and refer them into our No Wrong Door network.

A new branch of the Inreach Outreach project places Engagement Workers within a community, building links with the people who live there to help identify those who need support and would not normally be picked up by the current system.

It’s all about our Experts by Experience sharing their skills and experience, to help others find the right support at the right time.

Our Lead Engagement Worker

Hi, my name is Bev Hardman and I am the Lead Engagement Worker for the Inreach/ Outreach workstream within the Birmingham Changing Futures Together Programme. Being in recovery myself, I am passionate about inspiring and motivating others to engage in the support that they need to live a fulfilling life.

I work with a small but capable team of Experts by Experience, who at some stage in their lives have experienced multiple and complex needs. We are now helping to support others, by sharing our own lived experience and journeys.  This enables individuals to be motivated so they are able to work towards their own recovery.

The Inreach/ Outreach teamwork with individuals at various crisis points in and around Birmingham. We are currently working in partnership with four different organisations.  Our current partners are West Midlands Police, West Midlands Fire Service, Rough Sleepers Team at Midland Heart, Expectations Group of Homeless Hostels and GP practices.

Our Engagement Workers

Hi, we are Brian Leek and Sarah Bruce, Engagement Workers for Inreach Outreach as part of Birmingham Changing Futures Together. We believe all people have a voice and want to make a difference to those who cannot make their voice heard.

We work in the Soho Ward area of Birmingham, within the community. Working in partnership with West Midlands Police and Fire Service, as well as hot desking at Job Centres, Libraries and GP Surgeries in the area.

Our role involves liaising with local business and places of worship to develop and educate people around homelessness, addiction, mental health and re-offending.

Here’s what our Experts say

I was high every day for 20 years. Ready for change? Talk to me or my friends, we can help.

Our aim for every citizen in Birmingham is hope.  I can’t – but we can together.

Working with BCFT has given me the hope and inspiration to progress and help others with complex needs.

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